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Come get your hands dirty, have some fun and learn more about sustainable farming !

Volunteering at the farm

Come volunteer with us : volunteer days are open every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 10 am to 1 pm.
What to wear : Please dress appropriately for farm work in clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Please wear close-toed shoes.
What to bring : A personal water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and gloves are recommended.
What you’ll do : Farming is hard work. Workdays typically include light to medium physical labor, including lifting and carrying up to 20lbs, raking, weeding, mulching, and turning compost. Stop for a water break and a rest whenever you need one! It’s very important to stay hydrated and comfortable.

Register here : Volunteer registration


Volunteer work at the garden is subject to weather conditions. Rain/Thunder/Lightning: Rain before or during scheduled volunteer times may force the cancellation of the workday. Heat: If there is a “heat advisory,” farm work will continue, but volunteers may want to consider rescheduling their work. If a “heat warning” is forecast, volunteer activities will be canceled. Cold: If the daytime temperature is forecast to be less than 45 degrees, volunteer activities will be canceled. Each volunteer should decide whether to work on a given day based on their personal limitations and comfort level.

Bring a group at the farm :

What about bringing your sport's team, your club or colleagues ? Whether you look for some team building or just want to have some fun, coming at the farm as a group is great. We can plan for a tour of the farm and activities that will fit everyone.

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